Re: Gtk2::Table widget alignment

Fred. Oger said:
My problem is that the widget appears to be centered in the row. How can I
have it aligned to the left of the row ?

just off the top of my head, untested, pick one:

 - use 'fill' instead of 'shrink'.

 - pack the widget into a GtkAlignment, set the alignment to left or right,
and then attach the alignment to the table.

 - for a label, use fill (and maybe expand) and then do $label->set_alignment
($left_pct, 0.5);  (0.5 for the middle in y, $left_pct as 0.0 for left and
1.0 for right) ---  labels inherit GtkMisc, which is like having a
GtkAlignment already.

i'm sure there are other ways, as well.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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