Re: getting Gtk-perl

-- nori heikkinen <nori sccs swarthmore edu> wrote
(on Thursday, 14 August 2003, 05:29 PM -0400):
hi all,

i'm trying to install gtk-perl, and don't know where best to get it.
I yanked Gtk-Perl-0.6123.tar.gz off,
but the readme says it only is desigend to work with Gtk+ versions
0.99.10 through 1.2.3, and i'm running 2.2.2.  should i downgrade my
gtk+ version?

No, you'll be wanting gtk2-perl, available at

also, i would love it if somone could point me to a good reference for
getting started with gtk-perl.  i found what seems to be a good
tutorial[1], but i'm curious to hear what this list has to say.

There have been a few posts regarding this in the past week; look in the
archives for the list, and you should find something pretty quickly. The
gtk-perl tutorials are nice for getting a basic understanding of how it
works; you can apply a lot of what you learn there to gtk2-perl, though
there are some differences. If you find stuff you can't figure out, pose
a question to the list.

Matthew Weier O'Phinney

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