a few days ago i found that if i replace the plethora of "use Gtk2::Foo;" lines in the src/ generated by glade2perl-2[1] with a single 'use Gtk2;', i could actually get the generated program to run.

this was a simple test app that i tossed together with a tree and a list and a toolbar and statusbar and a menubar (you know, silly windows explorer-looking stuff). there was a callback missing and the menu items contained the stock id text instead of the stock items, but other than that, it functioned. this is encouraging.

however, i tried to send an email to dermot[2] about this, and it bounced[3], saying that his account was over quota. does anybody know how to get hold of him?

[2] dermot musgrove, the author of glade2perl and glade2perl-2
[3] several times. i waited a few days to see if he wasn't just away on vacation or something.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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