gtk2-perl debs from CVS


I've created some Debian packages of CVS, using Szilveszter Farkas'
work, and a little fiddling by me. I need the practice creating Debian
packages anyway, and I wanted some debs to go along with my program
xalbumlist ( that I updated this weekend.

These are built against unstable.

You can get the debs by putting this in your sources.list.

deb unstable/
deb-src unstable/

Here you will find debs for:

ExtUtils::Depends       libextutils-depends-perl        0.102
Glib                    libglib-perl                    0.92
Gnome2::Canvas          libgnome2-canvas-perl           0.28
Gnome2                  libgnome2-perl                  0.28
Gtk2::GladeXML          libgtk2-gladexml-perl           0.26
Gtk2                    libgtk2-perl                    0.92

(Are GnomePrint2 and GtkSpell not ready for prime time? I noticed
Szilveszter had not made packages of them, so I did not either.)

I am not sure if the version numbers are *completely* correct but they
should be close. These are pretty 'quick-and-dirty' packages, but I am
using them right now and they seem to be working ok.

Of course, I welcome feedback and suggestions. One thing I can think of
immediately is, should I make packages straight from the releases
instead of CVS? (Probably a good idea.)

James Curbo <hannibal adtrw org>

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