Re: RFC: split gtk2-perl-xs


I did not make the suggestion for heavy technical reasons.
While I detest politics in SW projects, this is about dealing
with the outside world (clients if you like).

Think about distribution:
* most users (and even most developers?) would not install by hand
  but use packages binaries (rpm or deb or pkg etc).
  These *must* be split or somebody wanting to install a glib2-based
  package must though dependencies install gtkspell, lots of gnome 
  libraries etc. 
* most others will use CPAN or PPM, no problems
* a few will install by hand.

We should not make prioties based on the torubles of a small minority
if we want ease of distribution and acceptance. (This is politics)

A 2nd argument is if gnome and spell goes in everything would just
as well, gal, gail, eel, camel, print, printui, etc etc
A big monolith makes maintenence difficult and release process.

We should not think of todays state of rapid development only,
there will be days of maintenence.

On the maintenence front, we probably want to release version 
of gtk2-perl-xs before we have a mature enough gnome or spell or what-ever. 

moving G:: -> GLib:: in CVS is a minor problem,
just matter of a 
# rm -f GLib2; ln -sf G GLib2
at a strategic point in Makefile.PL


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