RFC: split gtk2-perl-xs

I was thinking about a couple of thing
regarding the structure of gtk2-perl-xs.

1. Wouldn't it easier to maintain if it is split the module?
   Bounderies for the splitting would be beteen wrapping of libraries
   which is indently maintain. User which has not got gnome etc and only 
   needs gtk+ (like windows user) would have to walk truough a complicated build process.

2. G::<namespace>: I think this would be hard to get accepted in CPAN since what G:: reference
   hardly is clear to people not into Gtk+/Gnome. Either we should change it to GLib:: or
   just move it into Gtk2:: since the functionality in GObject et al is not especially useful
   to perlprogrammers outside to Gtk+ context.


happy hacking,


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