Re: ispell class for gtk-perl

On Fri, Apr 25, 2003 at 12:59:55PM -0400, Ross McFarland wrote:
On a project I am working on there was some talk of rewriting gtkspell.c
from the ayttm project in perl.

there would probably be very little work getting gtkspell.c mapped into perl,
the way we are currently mapping gtk2, provided that it is implemented as a
widget. if not then it may still be possible, just different.

unless there's something you don't like about gtkspell.c i wouldn't see much
reason to rewrite it in perl (as a module,) i would think that you'd be better
of getting the c version usable from perl (with perlxs etc.)

For Gtk2-Perl I agree, building an interface to gtkspell 2.x would be very 
nice. However I'm working with Gtk-Perl at the moment. :) Yes, I thought
about using inline to gtkspell 1.x however I think we put less pre-req 
requirements on the end user by doing it all in perl.

Scott Russell <lnxgeek us ibm com>
IBM Linux Technology Center, System Admin

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