Re: ispell class for gtk-perl

On a project I am working on there was some talk of rewriting gtkspell.c
from the ayttm project in perl.

there would probably be very little work getting gtkspell.c mapped into perl,
the way we are currently mapping gtk2, provided that it is implemented as a
widget. if not then it may still be possible, just different.

unless there's something you don't like about gtkspell.c i wouldn't see much
reason to rewrite it in perl (as a module,) i would think that you'd be better
of getting the c version usable from perl (with perlxs etc.)

Has anyone previously written a gtk-perl ispell class that works with
Gtk::Editable widgets or are we venturing into new territory?

i've never seen such a thing and i'm not finding anything about it with google
so i'm guess it's new.

The key features are coloring misspelled words as the user types and
offering replacement suggestions.

it would all be do-able if you should decide to do it in perl as a pm.


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