Re: [xs] notebook problem

Also I put this auto-label-from-string-thing in gtk2-perl,
Since one good thing about the inline version is the ease
of do wrapper in perl for the C functions. It would be doable
almost as easy with XS too.

as you say to, having wrappers at both the perl and xs levels is nearly trivial.

you would just change the xs function name from func to _xs_func (or anything
that makes sense to you), make _xs_func call the appropriate c function with a
CODE section, and then add func at the perl level that in turn calls _xs_func.
(that didn't come out as simple as it actually is)

the inline stuff, from what i remember/think does esentially the same thing
all the time, whether there's custom code at a given level or wrapper or not.

let's collect all these proposals someplace, and start putting them into
effect when the main interface stabilizes (in just a few weeks, at this

"feature requests" in the tracker would be a good place.

very good idea.


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