Re: [xs] notebook problem

Ross McFarland wrote:
> Chas Owens wrote:
I think there is a need for Gtk2::Perlish.  ...

obviously there's nothing stopping people from doing such things. personally i
would prefer to have a complete (or reasonably so) c->perl mapping and then
consider the possiblility of such extensions. ...

FWIW, I actually like Ross' (and therefore Chas' also) suggestion best.

I'd like to see a Perl wrapper that sticks very close to C, and then something more Perlish on top.

Of the things I like least about gtk, the top one is its verbosity. I mean it's really painful to read gtk code. A good Perlish layer could go a long way to alleviate that.

If it was a completely separate layer though, is to possible to transparently overlay, e.g., the 'notebook_append' function with a new (Perl) function of the same name? If you can (and given enough magic Perl can do *anything*), is it wise to do so?

Thanks for all the good work! I'm looking forward to getting back into coding with the new wrapper.


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