i'm working on the Gtk2::ItemFactory.

the GtkItemFactoryEntry is a plain struct in Gtk, not a boxed type or
anything, so it needs to be specially implemented for the bindings.

in gtk-perl, this could be either a perl list like

  [ $path, $accel, $action, $type ]

or a more explicit and self-documenting but more space-consuming hash like

     path => $path,
     accelerator => $accel,
     action => $action,
     type => $type,

the code for this, in gtk-perl, looks like it should port to gtk2-perl-xs with
next to no problems.

my question is, does everybody like this interface?  are there any changes
you'd like to make?  are there any changes in GtkItemFactory between 1.2.x and
2.x that would necessitate changes?

i will be changing the itemfactory callbacks to use the C argument order, as
is the convention in gtk2-perl, instead of the gtk-perl order (where data and
the standard args were swapped).

muppet <scott asofyet org>

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