Re: [xs] notebook problem

Chas Owens said:

On Mon, 21 Apr 2003, Joe Smith wrote:

Chas Owens wrote:
... this line needs to read
$notebook_main->append_page( $table_create,

Is there any reason this shouldn't be the default?  I mean, everybody
seems to like Button->new("Click Me").


The difference is that you don't normally pack a other widgits into a
button, whereas I often say:

this is perl, and perl is magical, so we could do something like automagically
create a GtkLabel if the argument is a plain string, and otherwise require the
argument to be a blessed GtkWidget descendent.

this kinda stuff represent a slippery slope.  once you start down the dark
path of adding little things like this, forever will it dominate your destiny
(and documentation).  then again, we already started down this path with the
button stuff.

if everybody wants that, i can hack it together rather easily, but i will not
do so unless there is some form of consensus.

muppet <scott asofyet org>

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