Re: GtkItemFactoryEntry

muppet said:
my question is, does everybody like this interface?  are there any changes
you'd like to make?  are there any changes in GtkItemFactory between 1.2.x
and 2.x that would necessitate changes?

if i may answer myself... ;-)

in C, you can pass specific callback functions and callback data for each entry.

i seem to recall that in gtk-perl you could use the hash form to pass a
specific callback, but according to the code this is not so.

it would be quite easy to add code to look for "callback" and "callback_data"
members when parsing the hash form, and i think i will go ahead and do that.

however, where would/should these go in the array form?

for those keeping score, i think i've found for gtk2-perl-xs a workaround for
the memory leaks in the gtk-perl implementation of GtkItemFactory --- after
creating the item, immediately retrieve it, and attach a destroy notify with

muppet <scott asofyet org>

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