Re: [xs] notebook problem

Chas Owens wrote:
... this line needs to read
$notebook_main->append_page( $table_create, Gtk2::Label->new("Skeleton"));

Is there any reason this shouldn't be the default?  I mean, everybody  seems
to like Button->new("Click Me").

the difference here is that you are providing/attaching a widget in the
function call rather than providing a string from with which a label is
created. the reason that button has the ->new("label") is because there's a
new_with_label.  granted what you are saying could be easily done, and if the
consensus is that it should, then so be it.

the only problem i possibly foresee is that with button it's either a label
parameter or nothing, with this case it would be one of two types of
parameters, a widget or a string. that could possibly confuse some.


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