Re: [xs] notebook problem

On Mon, 21 Apr 2003, Szilveszter Farkas wrote:

hi all!

i've installed gtk2-perl-xs from the latest cvs tree. everything went okay during the install.

i just have a little problem.

use Gtk2;
use strict;

init Gtk2;

my $window_main = new Gtk2::Window( "toplevel" );
my $vbox_main = new Gtk2::VBox( $true, 0 );
my $notebook_main = new Gtk2::Notebook();
my $table_create = new Gtk2::Table( 6, 2, $false );

$window_main->add( $vbox_main );
$vbox_main->pack_start( $notebook_main, $true, $true, 0 );
$notebook_main->append_page( $table_create, "Skeleton" );

this line needs to read
$notebook_main->append_page( $table_create, Gtk2::Label->new("Skeleton"));


main Gtk2;

this code hangs at 'append_page' function, saying:
variable is not of type Gtk2::Widget at ./ line xx.

how could i correct this?

thanks in advance,
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