Re: gnome_app_create_menu hack

<snip summary="new_with_label vs. new_with_mnemonic" />

discussion, with logic and reasons desired...


My vote is for new_with_mnemonic if there are no problems with
calling it without an '_' in the string.  Very few button labels
will have underscores and you can get an underscore with '__', so
the only people who will have a problem will be those who are
porting from Gtk-Perl to Gtk2-Perl.  And they will have to be
touching all sorts of stuff anyways.  I say we develop a porting
guide (I am starting working on one now using gnome-sql-editor
as an example) and mention this change in it.  I am also of the
opinion that Gtk2::Button::new_with_label and
Gtk2::Button::new_with_mnemonic should exist as well for the
people reading the C manuals.

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