Re: new snapshot of new-gtk2-perl

Muppet:  Have you thought about making an announcement about this stuff
on  I know it's not ready for prime time yet but it
might be a good way to get comments.

I'm new to this list but I'm excited about this stuff.  I was afraid
that gtk-perl was dying and I'd have to learn <shudder> Python <grin> if
I wanted to do RAD on GTK.

I was thinking of working on a simple but scriptable text-editor with
code highlighting.  Has anyone here seen or worked on or have any ideas
about Perl bindings for Scintilla ( Or have a
better idea about how this might be done?



since snapshot 20020408:

- lots more functions implemented, including a good portion of
- make install is still broken
- make test is broken (can't find uninstalled G module without 
  "use blib" in
- added Gtk2/examples subdir
- debugging output from G optional at compile time, use -DNOISY
  to enable

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