Re: Examples of cursor changes in Gtk::Text

Scott Russell <lnxgeek us ibm com> writes:


I'm looking for examples of changing the cursor type inside a Gtk::Text
widget. What I'm after is to use a 'hand' cursor when the mouse is over
an url. 

In our app the url part highlighting with a Gtk::Text widget is done but
I'm not exactly sure how to detect what is under the pointer in a
Gtk::Text widget. I'm pretty sure I can find the x,y position within the
Gtk::Text widget easy enough.

Thoughts? Examples? Am I just going about this the wrong way? I should
add that currently gtk1 is in use, not gtk2.

Well, personally I'd look at the xchat code which does that.. Can
be a good starting point!

See you.

Guillaume Cottenceau -

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