Re: The big UTF8 changeover...

On ons, 2002-10-30 at 21:40, Christian Borup wrote:

Problems remain in TextBuffer.c and TreeViewColumn.c (only in
new_with_attributes), as they mess way more with SV* than they should.

And in Gtk2::ListStore->set() too. But thats fixed now.
Anyway, I'm sure I have missed a whole lot of spots.

The problem is that generally that no typemap have been used until now.
And a lot of functions just take SV*'s rather than gchar*'s, most I hope
with good reason. But it make it quite hard to find all the spots that
need fixing.

If using SV's is needed please ensure the following two rules are

Before pasing the PV of a SV to a gtk+ function sv_utf8_upgrade must be
run on the SV (this ensures that the PV is UTF8).

When putting a value returned by gtk+ into a SV, the utf8 should be set
on the SV using SvUTF8_on.

Also char* should be used only if the string should not be UTF8.


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