Re: gtk2-perl CVS 20021017

Dermot Musgrove <dermot glade perl connectfree co uk> writes:


3) I have written (and attached) a Gtk2::Test module and a script that
will generate test scripts for each widget mentioned in the gtk2 docs.
These scripts can be extended as methods are added. I guess that if you
want to use them it would be best to add them to the t/ directory after
the widgets are added.

I didn't get the 041-script to run OK on my machine,
the "use Gtk2::Window" bit failed.
I added them to CVS anyway.
I am having problems compiling GObject and GSignal and this causes
all Gtk2 methods to fail - gtk2-perl-helpers.h missing?

Hum, I always commit things that I know can compile. Is it a
problem of perl 5.6.x as Goran suggests? Can you give me (in
private if you like) the errors it puts?

Current CVS should not contain gtk2-perl-helpers.h anymore,
anyway, it has been splitted.

I have also attached a new version of Gtk2::Test with better 
documentation and changes suggested by Guillaume's email that it
should be acceptable to expect a known error as a successful test.

The new tests can be defined as eg:
  ["new()", $EXPECT_ERROR, "=~ /Usage:/"],

if the expected error has the string 'Usage:' in it somewhere. Gtk2::Test
prepends some explanatory text to the Gtk2 error so you can't test for
a known Gtk2 error at the start of the line. Instead of testing for:
    '=~ /^FATAL: invalid GtkWindowType value topleel/'
you must test for:
    '=~ /FATAL: invalid GtkWindowType value topleel/'

but check the returned error strings for more precise checks. Is this
OK Guillaume?

Yep, it's nice!

Guillaume Cottenceau -

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