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Daniel Lacroix <dlacroix erasme org> writes:

and Daniel wrote (in private mail, hope it is OK to quote it here):
I have the following problem. Some function return GtkWidget. This can
correspond to the content of another Widget. In C, no problem, they
alwayas return a GtkWidget but this can be anything (like GtkButton or
GnomeDateEdit...). In perl, you can't do that : 



That's the best solution. I started on this way and I think this will

I'm a bit lost in there[1], and since the types are probably one
of the keypoints for helping to develop gtk2-perl, I'd really
like to understand better. Would it be possible to forward the
original mails from goran and muppet on this list please?


[1] seems you want to revert back from a GObject* to the real
type, but I'm not sure to have all the information to really
understand what's going on; either it's pure C objects and it's a
pure gtk+ problem that most probably has a solution in the very
gtk+ C sources, or it's perl objects and why not using sv_isa()
or sv_derived_from()?

Guillaume Cottenceau -

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