Re: gtk2-perl

goran: you are my new hero.  :-)

i use the old gtk-perl extensively in a large project at work and am campaigning with my manager to get time to work on gtk2-perl on company time, but i'm not having any success. i really wish i had time to help with code... :-((

in the meantime, i'll join in with the bug reports and ideas and suggestions and whatnot:

namely, have you put any thought into how widgets from other sources will be bound into gtk2-perl? i have several custom Gtk widgets in a C library i link into perl via XS, and make extensive use of Gtk::Widget->new_from_pointer in my old code. this is a somewhat critcal feature for me.

Guillaume Cottenceau wrote:

- 'toplevel' moved to Gtk2::Window::TOPLEVEL, etc

i'll second your opinions here. it's more succinct in terms of code, it's more useful in debugging, and it feels more perlish.

compatibility (though 5.6.0 is already pretty old..).

heh. the solaris boxen i avoid in my lab still have perl4 scripts holding them together. just because it's old doesn't mean people don't still need to use it.

that said, i think that <5.6 can probably be sacrificed if it's necessary (i know there are some big differences...).

[*] When clicking on the button of "", the
application doesn't quit; it prints:

( Gtk-CRITICAL **: file ../../gtk/gtkmain.c: line 994 (gtk_main_quit): assertion 
`main_loops != NULL' failed

it's just the way the events are being handled. i have some code that uses gtk in a single-threaded, non-event-loop-driven environment (gtk for visualization of algorithm development... it's not pretty, but it gets the job done), and i get that a lot. you clicked on the button while the event loop was not active, namely, while the app was busy compiling.

as i doubt this will be an end-user sort of app, i don't think it's anything to worry about.

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