focus problem

Howdy - i'm pretty new to the Gtk; module (as of last night), so
this might be a known thing (i've been unable to turn up any
info, tho) .. i've got an app that i've written both from scratch
and using glade, and there seems to be some invisible widget
(that i don't instantiate) that is allowing the keyboard focus ..
i've set focus_in and focus_out handlers on all my widgets to
check when they gain the focus, and there is definitely some sort
of unknown something in there that takes the focus when i'm
tabbing through my focusable objects (i tried to circumvent this
by setting up focus_out handlers to do a grab_focus() based on a
focus ordering list, but the only working version of this i could
come up with had the nasty side-effect of disabling entry on my
Entry widget ;) .. i note that the Gtk/Gtk sample perl exhibits
the same behaviour (the gtk-demo binary doesn't, however) .. has
anyone run in to this problem?


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