Re: gtk2-perl

On tor, 2002-10-17 at 02:51, muppet wrote:

namely, have you put any thought into how widgets from other sources 
will be bound into gtk2-perl?  i have several custom Gtk widgets in a C 
library i link into perl via XS, and make extensive use of 
Gtk::Widget->new_from_pointer in my old code.  this is a somewhat 
critcal feature for me.

This is an important point. With the old gtk-perl things could get
tricky if one tried building custom widgets outside the gtk-perl build

compatibility (though 5.6.0 is already pretty old..).

heh.  the solaris boxen i avoid in my lab still have perl4 scripts 
holding them together.  just because it's old doesn't mean people don't 
still need to use it.

It also doesn't mean one should support it for ever... After all they
can be installed along side each other...

that said, i think that <5.6 can probably be sacrificed if it's 
necessary (i know there are some big differences...).

Gtk2 was released later than perl 5.8.0. IMnsHO everything before 5.8
can be scrapped. The simple reason beeing that Gtk2 uses UTF8
throughout. And Unicode support in perl didn't get usefull before 5.8.0.


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