perl gtk2


I'm a developer for MandrakeSoft. As you maybe know, our
installation program DrakX[1], and most configuration tools[2],
are written in Perl and use Gtk+.

That's why it becomes very important for us to have a working
perl gtk2 binding; thus, I'm going to spend my worktime on that

As far as I can see, the only published perl gtk2 work is the
work from Goran[3], though a quick look at the code makes it
unusable for us since needs a C compiler.

To begin my efforts, I'm going to read deep the gtk2 porting
docs, learn from the current perl gtk1 binding, and possibly
learn from the python gtk2 binding. I'll inform the list of the
results of my work, although I honestly can't promise any





Guillaume Cottenceau -

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