Re: stupidest question contest ...

"D vid" wrote:

Hi all ,

How do keep a window (or Dialog ... ) on top of the others no matter where the user clicks in the app ... 
Without freezing the other part of the app , as with a 'modal' setting ...
AFAIK you cannot force this behaviour, you have to ask the window manager
to do it and hope that it honours the request. I reckon that you need to 
call $window->set_transient_for($parent) and the wm should do the right
thing - apparently at some time some wms didn't do this properly.
The method button_group() for a radiobutton is in the tutorial but it looks like it's not working , i get :
"Can't locate object method "button_group" via package "Gtk::RadioButton" at..." . Any comment ?
Does $rb->group() do what you want - or $rb->set_group() ?

How do you resize a Box once you have removed one of its children ?
"Can't locate object method "enable_resize" via package "Gtk::VBox" at ..."
"Can't locate object method "need_resize" via package "Gtk::VBox" at ..."
"Can't locate object method "allow_shrink" via package "Gtk::VBox" at ..."
     ^ 'can't remember where i saw this i tried out out of despair :(

I set a signal on a Text , whenever it's changed() it toggles a radio 
button . But after i destroy() the parent Window of the button and 
change the content of the Text ( who's added to another window ) , i get 
a ippon ! ( i.e. a core dump -with no explanation at all- for those who 
don't understand judo ...;-)
I tried a 'if(exists($RadioButton)){}' ,'if(defined($RadioButton)){}' , 
but got the same result ! Ippon !
Any idea ?
Perhaps you need to block the signal when you destroy the parent?

HTH, Dermot

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