glade-perl: Bug in GnomeCanvas handling?


This seems to be the right place for a bug report about Glade-Perl.
If I create a GonomeCanvas Widget with Glade, glade-perl didn't do the 
connection between the GtkScrolledWindow and the canvas right. It uses

$forms->{'window'}{'scroller'}->add_with_viewport($widgets->{'canvas'} );

which leads to scrollbars that doesn't work. Since the canvas has 
viewport capabilities already built in, we need just a normal add 

$forms->{'window'}{'scroller'}->add($widgets->{'canvas'} );

My Glade-Perl version: 0.60
My Glade version: 0.6.4
Perl: 5.6.1

Rolf Herzog | her gmx de                     | HP:
Duisburg    | herzog falkag de               | 
Germany     | "Ohne Reproduktion gaebe es keine Originale"

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