Re: question on glade/gtkperl application packaging

Dermot Musgrove wrote:
Nobody has asked me about this before so I would appreciate some
feedback from people who use Glade-Perl.
How did you end up with so many trees? Are you including the Gtk-Perl
tree and Glade/ in this count?

Ok. Mine is probably an extreme example; Glade/Glade-perl is only part of the problem. I have several multi-level classes, some app-specific and some public. I have XS modules which install binaries and perl support. I have kernel modules (ok, that's not Perl). I have shell scripts that run the other parts. Just getting the PERL5LIB setting right so all the parts can be found is tough. Then when I upgrade Perl, the version number changes the paths (that may be a distro packaging issue).

If you're thinking 'this guy needs to re-design', I'd be the first to agree. Maybe next week ;-)

Tracking all the dependencies (Gtk-perl, glade, glade-perl, icons,
various CPAN modules) is another nightmare.

Have you tried or to automate all this?

Several of the machines I have to support have no internet connection.

Enough whining. Thanks for you suggestions. I do think it's an area for improvement.


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