question on glade/gtkperl application packaging

  I've been messin' around with gtk perl for awhile, and lately have
been using Glade to design the interface. Its cool - but using Glade
generates many files which make up the end application.

  I've seen how to write the interface in gtkperl directly, but its
really nice to be able to use Glade to design the interface.

  Has any one had much success in _easily_ packing everything up into a
single executable?

  There is a gtkperl application called 'frood' which I downloaded off
of freshmeat, that was the best example of a distributed gtkperl
application with a glade interface that I have seen - but it still
required making a directory to store all the glade stuff in, determing
where the directory was at runtime, etc..

  What is the best way to do package a gtkperl application that has had
its interface created by glade?

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