Re: Installing Gtk-Perl

Daniel Carrera wrote:

Thanks, that helped.  I can actually compile much of the code now.
However, I'm still having trouble.

The relevant error from 'make' is:
BonoboView.xs:11: redefinition of `BonoboViewVerbFunc'
/usr/include/gnome-1.0/bonobo/bonobo-view.h:32: `BonoboViewVerbFunc'
previously declared here
make: *** [xs/BonoboView.o] Error 1

So there's something wrong with either my 'BonoboView.xs' or my

Has anyone gotten Bonobo to work for Perl?  I want to try it out.
Hi, I haven't tried to get Bonobo working at all yet but have you tried
commenting out the typedef?

I can't tell what sort of C code gets generated in xs/BonoboViewer.c 
because I don't have the header files - but you never know...

Regards, Dermot.

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