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On Mon, 2002-05-13 at 17:02, Dermot Musgrove wrote:
"D vid" wrote:

Hi Christian ( and ye' all ;-) ,

Au jour dit , 12 May 2002 15:27:24 +0200 ,
Christian Borup <borup borup com> s'exprima ainsi:
I'd like to know if there are functions that could help you to set up
a kind of a log for a widget : for an option menu , which menu item
was 'activate'
last , for a combo the last strings entered in the entry , for a clist
which rows were selected last , etc ?
Hi, I don't know of one. There is GConf but AFAIK it has no Perl bindings.
Is anyone working on this?

I guess that I would either push some text to a global list:
    push(@history, "combo1 entered 'text entered'");
    push(@history, "clist selected 2");

and then read the list backwards to undo or redo OR

if you want to preserve this over sessions/runs write the information
to a file instead.

Regards, Dermot

I don't know if it uses GConf or not, but there is Gnome::Config and

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