Re: Build problems on Linux, gcc 2.96

"pixel" == pixel  <Pixel>
wrote the following on 25 Jul 2002 14:36:54 +0200

  pixel> I think I made it work with the following:

  pixel> # fix for new MakeMaker (ie new perl 5.8.0) perl -pi -e '/CCCMD/ &&
  pixel> s|/m;|/mg;|' */Makefile.PL

Thanks, this worked.

I actually used the technique in the Makefile.PL samples within Gtk to do
something similar with my own Perl-RPM package. And mine still works under
5.8.0 (and upgraded 5.6.1). But at the same time, my Makefile.PL's aren't
nearly as complex as those for Gtk, so there was less room for the MM change
to impact me. Probably the only package with hairier Makefiles is Tk, and Nick
has his own MM sub-system to handle most of it...

Randy J. Ray                                                rjray blackperl com
Campbell, CA                                                     rjray svsm org
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