Re: Build problems on Linux, gcc 2.96

"Randy J. Ray" <rjray blackperl com> writes:

leaves the PerlGtkExt.o file in the ./Gtk dir, from which the make was
running, not the ./Gtk/build dir, where the Makefile expects to find it. Thus,
when it comes time to link, I get a lot of these:

cc: build/PerlGtkExt.o: No such file or directory

I've also tried this with my RH-installed 5.6.1 package, and it fails,
too. Fortunately, I have an RPM package for 5.6.1. But I'm trying to test
various packages against 5.8.0, and some of them use Gtk. I *have* updated the
ExtUtils::MakeMaker module on 5.6.1, but I don't know if that could be
interfering with the object code file-naming.

I think I made it work with the following:

# fix for new MakeMaker (ie new perl 5.8.0)
perl -pi -e '/CCCMD/ && s|/m;|/mg;|' */Makefile.PL

(have a look at the various lines around CCCMD in the generated
*/Makefile to see why)

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