Re: Strange CList problem

Am Don, 2002-01-10 um 18.13 schrieb John McDermott:
It looks as though you've created a closure (which keeps the context of
the sub call).  Make the call to Edit_MP3_Tag a ref (put a \ in front of
the &) and that should fix it.

Hi John, hi all,

in the meantime, I've fixed the problem, and to be honest - I'm now more
puzzled than before:

Is there any specific reason, why list->get_row_data($row) gives me
different(!) values than $list->get_text($row,0) etc. ?

Could it be the case, that $list->get_row_data stays constant with its
initial values all over the lifetime of a list, while $list->get_text()
gives you the current values?



In my application, I'm using a CList, which is filled with several
columns. There's also a "modify" button, which is coded the following

                        "select_row", sub {
                           my ( $clist, $row, $column, $mouse_event ) = @_;
                           return unless $mouse_event->{type} eq "2button_press";

The subrouting Edit_MP3_Tag should change one or more columns of the
selected row. In that subroutine, the column is updated the following

$list->set_foreground( $row, $color);

Everything works perfect at first sight. In the Edit_MP3_Tag subroutine
I can change the contents of the list and the changes are all displayed.

But now, when I modify a row, which I modified before, I do get in
Edit_MP3_Tag all the *former* contents of that row. And those contents
are different from what was displayed....

Has anybody got a clue, what's going one here?

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