Reference other widgets

I am running a user interface with the Gtk::GladeXML package, version
0.7000. And would like a signal handler to reference another widget.
For  example, a button changing the text of an entry box. Where can I
find a working example of this?

I have tried using $Glade::PerlRun::all_forms. But the signal handler
does not receive any value for $instance...
        sub handler {
                my ($class, $data, $object, $instance) = @_;
$instance is always blank (zero length).

I did search the list archive. The suggested solution was to keep
a reference to the widgets as the UI is being built. Since Glade 
generates the interface, there's no way I know of to save a

Thanks, in advance.

Robert Wohlfarth
rjwohlfar galaxyinternet net

"Is not life more important than food, and the body more 
important than clothes?" -- Matthew 6:25b

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