Re: Gtk-Perl on cygwin?

Hallo Michael,

Am 2001-11-20 um 01:33 schriebst du:

At 11:00 AM 19/11/01 +0100, Paolo Molaro wrote:
Ok, is seems it exported all the functions, but not the data.
Can you try adding --export-all-symbols to the dlltool call?

Ah, good to know that the functions are working and we're just dealing with
data now.  I tried --export-all-symbols.  Alas, no luck.  I also tried
adding the magic suggested in, i.e. changing all
"extern" declarations to "__delcspec(dllimport) extern".  No luck there

Hmmm.... when doing a search on __delcspec(dllimport) just now, Google
suggested "__declspec" instead.  Could this be a typo?  Hang on...

A typo of you;)
__declspec(dllimport) is correct.


I looked at your site:
expat 1.95.0 (versions 1.95.1 and 1.95.2 don't seem to work)
That is not correct, expat-1.95.2 builds with a little patch with
shared libs.  I posted a patch at the expat sourceforge bug tracker.

XML::Parser version 2.29 (version 2.30 does not work)
What is the problem with XML::Parser 2.30?

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