Re: Gtk-Perl on cygwin?

Hallo Paolo,

Am 2001-11-06 um 22:40 schriebst du:

I'm trying to get Gtk-Perl to install under cygwin (on Windows 2000).  I've
got Cygwin, Perl, X, Gnome and Glade all running, but I can't seem to
compile Gtk-Perl. I think I'm having linking problems of some sort.
    xs/GdkImlib.o(.text+0x36):GdkImlib.c: undefined reference to
These appear to be symbols that are within Gtk-Perl itself (and not in some
missing external library or something).  I wonder if it's the way libraries
are built under cygwin (i.e. via dllwrap)?

The undefined symbols are actually defined in the Gtk subcomponent
and resolved at runtime when that is loaded.
Could you check in the docs if in cygwin it's possible to create the
dll with undefined symbols (maybe a dllwrap command line flag or
something like that), it may just work if you enable that.

No way, it isn't possible to create dynamic libraries with undefined
symbols on windows in general.

Or you can try adding to the command that links the submodule the path
to the Gtk submodule itself (try it in a console, we may worry how to do
that with MakeMaker when/if it actually works).

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