Re: ENUM syntax

red criticalintegration com writes:

On a side note - note that for "flags" you can :

$table2->attach($window, 0, 1, 0, 1, ['fill', 'expand'], 'shrink', 1, 1);

E.g. when a flags param has only one element, the scalar notation
is allowed.

Yuck!  Sorry, but eeughh. :-)

Do I *have* to document that? :-)

Not really..
and code excerpts.. that's why I didn't allow the '-something'
notation when I coded the enums/flags stuff.

You hate '-' notation, I like consistant data-types being passed
to objects.

You got a point here :).

The scalar notation for flags was added by me because I found it
a little bit ridiculous to have the [] surrounding a unique
value.. but you're right on the fact, of course.

The difference is that you're the project maintainer so your stuff
gets implemented. :-)

Well yes, mostly :).
Regarding the:

my $window = new Gtk::Window('toplevel) vs Gtk::Window->new('toplevel')
styleism... I'll modify the docs to reflect your preference.

Do you want the docs in .pod form or .pm form?

I don't know enough on that topic to be able to emit an opinion.
Let's trust you on that matter, then.
I'll assume .pod unless said otherwise.

How would you like the files delivered?  Here? via CVS?

Goran, what was your process of delivering CVS commit access'es
to new developers?


Guillaume Cottenceau -

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