Re: ENUM syntax

I don't know enough on that topic to be able to emit an opinion.
Let's trust you on that matter, then.

Thanks.  I am going to include them in the .pm files.

Although keeping them seperate in .pod files can be done and the
build process does build them it does strange things to the
headers that are produced when you process them.

I've spent about an hour today reading the docs trying to find out
the pod markup to overload the "titles" that are generated by the
processors, especially pod2man.

After not finding it, I referred to the pod source in the perl
distribution and any time a module is documented they encapsulate
it in the source .pm files.

Any time its an arbitrary pod document (example, perlfaq4) in a
.pod file it suffers from the same "bug" that i've been trying
to fix.


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