Re: ENUM syntax

Göran Thyni <goran kirra net> writes:

On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 11:30:46AM +0100, Guillaume Cottenceau wrote:
red criticalintegration com writes:
Could I request we re-instate this notation please :-)

Well it needs additional code, and having too many ways to do the
same thing is mostly confusing for people who read code examples
and code excerpts.. that's why I didn't allow the '-something'
notation when I coded the enums/flags stuff.

that is not the perl way => "There are many ways to do it".

Besides it makes it easier to port old gtk-perl code.


I added a oneliner in _Helpers.c
back it out if you absolutly dislike it.

No, it's fine with me.

Guillaume Cottenceau -

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