Re: Gtk::Gdk::Property

On 11/10/01 Luis Oliveira wrote:
For that I must use the change() method from Gtk::Gdk::Property. > 
to the reference it is:

And it looks like the reference is wrong.

Gtk::Gdk::Property::change($docklet->window, $kwm_dockwindow_atom,
                                   $kwm_dockwindow_atom, 32,
                                   $GDK_PROP_MODE_REPLACE, '1', 1);

This seems to work...

Was I doing something wrong?

Nope, the binding for that functions is inconsistent and cumbersome to
use. I'm afraid it can break some code out there if I make them
consistent now.
I have added some code so that you can use:

$window->property_change ($atom, ...);
$window->property_get (...);
$window->property_delete ($property);


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