Re: GTKPerl don't execute

On 11/10/01 Sebastiao Santos wrote:
[root draken gtkperl]# ./
Can't locate object method "create_menus" via package "Gnome::App" at 
./ line 54

---- cut here
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use Gnome;

my $NAME = 'gCookBook';
my $VERSION = '0.1';

init Gnome $NAME;

my $app = new Gnome::App $NAME, $NAME;

signal_connect $app 'delete_event',
sub { Gtk->main_quit; return 0 };

 type => 'subtree',
 label => '_File',
 subtree => [


You probably have a very old version of the Gnome module: your sample
program works fine here.
The latest release is 0.7008.


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