I'm trying to create a panel docklet (I think that's way it's called).

For that I must use the change() method from Gtk::Gdk::Property. According 
to the reference it is:


$window->change ($property, $type, $format, $mode, $data, $nelements);

Gtk::Gdk::Window        $window
Gtk::Gdk::Atom  $property
Gtk::Gdk::Atom  $type
integer                 $format
Gtk::Gdk::PropMode      $mode
string                  $data
integer                 $nelements

my $GDK_PROP_MODE_REPLACE = 1; # according to gdktypes.h
my $kwm_dockwindow_atom = Gtk::Gdk::Atom->intern('KWM_DOCKWINDOW', 0);

# $docket is a new Gtk::Window('toplevel') :-)
$docklet->window->change($kwm_dockwindow_atom, 32,
        $GDK_PROP_MODE_REPLACE, '1', 1);

When I run my script that has this code I get:

Can't locate object method "change" via package "Gtk::Gdk::Window" 
(perhaps you forgot to load "Gtk::Gdk::Window"?) at ./ line 206.

How do I make it use the Gtk::Gdk::Propery change()?


Luis Oliveira
luismbo netcabo pt

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