Re: Gtk-Perl on cygwin?

I've made progress.  I've got the basic Gtk-Perl test programs running
under Cygwin on Win2K.  

I tried playing around with dllwrap (and ld2 and perlld).  The idea was to
get dllwrap to import symbols from the .def file created in the Gtk directory.

But by accident, I came across something that worked, and I don't know why.
 I changed the $(LD) line in each of the subcomponent Makefiles, removing
the $(LDFROM) argument:



Suddenly, things built and linked without errors.  Woohoo!  Just don't ask
me how or why.

The remaining issue is that I can't get GdkImlib tests to run -

    Can't find 'boot_Gtk__Gtk__ImlibImage' symbol in

Does anybody have any ideas on this?

I've started up a work-in-progress howto document containing all the steps
I took to get to this fine place:


Michael Graham
magog the-wire com

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