Re: Gtk-Perl on cygwin?

On 11/15/01 Michael Graham wrote:
I've made progress.  I've got the basic Gtk-Perl test programs running
under Cygwin on Win2K.  

I tried playing around with dllwrap (and ld2 and perlld).  The idea was to
get dllwrap to import symbols from the .def file created in the Gtk directory.

But by accident, I came across something that worked, and I don't know why.
 I changed the $(LD) line in each of the subcomponent Makefiles, removing
the $(LDFROM) argument:

$(LDFROM) holds the object files that should be linked in the extension:
are you sure the module works after removing that?

The remaining issue is that I can't get GdkImlib tests to run -

    Can't find 'boot_Gtk__Gtk__ImlibImage' symbol in

The object file containing the function has not been linked in the
extension, so perl can't load it. Can you confirm that the other modules
work for you after removing LDFROM?


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