Re: Gtk-Perl on cygwin?

Paolo Molaro wrote:
The undefined symbols are actually defined in the Gtk subcomponent
and resolved at runtime when that is loaded.
Could you check in the docs if in cygwin it's possible to create the
dll with undefined symbols (maybe a dllwrap command line flag or
something like that), it may just work if you enable that.
Or you can try adding to the command that links the submodule the path
to the Gtk submodule itself (try it in a console, we may worry how to do
that with MakeMaker when/if it actually works).

Thanks for the info.  From what I can gather, the solution is to play
around with dllwrap: get it to export a symbol definition file for the Gtk
submodule (I think it already does this by default), and then, when it is
creating a dll for one of the other submodules, get it to import symbol
definitions from the main Gtk .def file.  At least I think that's the
solution.  I will play around with this some more over the next few days
and let you know if and when I get something working.


Michael Graham
magog the-wire com

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