Re: CTree get_text (was RE:setting object data (how do I?))

On 06/27/01 Jim Edwards wrote:
I think I´ve found the correct approach:
to assign:


to retreve:

$pnode = $datatree->node_get_row_data($node);

There also seems to be a set_row_data and get_row_data somewhere, at
least I didn´t get an error when I called them, but they didn´t do
anything.  I found these by poking around inside the xs.

set_row_data/get_row_data can be used in a Gtk::CList that is a parent 
class for Gtk::CTree, but should not be used in a Gtk::CTree.
I should probably add a sub Gtk::CTree::set_row_data {die} to
prevent people from using it....


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