Re: CTree get_text (was RE:setting object data (how do I?))

On 06/27/01 Liviu BURCUSEL wrote:

($text) = $ctree->get_node_info($ctree->selection);

also works.  Is it a bug that get_node_text doesn´t ???

Now how do i get the parent node?

I'm interested in that too. I worked it around by stating
#! /usr/bin /perl
$parent = $ctree->insert_node(undef, bla, bla ...);
$leaf = $ctree->insert_node($parent, bla ...);
$leaf->{parent} = $parent;
When I want to retrieve the leaf's parent I just do
$parent = $leaf->{parent};

$node->row->parent() should work (note that it's possible to
reparent nodes and storing data in the node hashref is not reliable
and should not be used).


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