Re: CTree get_text (was RE:setting object data (how do I?))

On 06/26/01 Jim Edwards wrote:
but then I want to get the text from the selection

 my $text = $ctree->get_text($node,0);  # I´ve also tried 1 here - which should
it be?

get_text() works only if the $node is a text node.

Doesn´t seem to return anything.  And how do I get the text from the parent

According to the fine reference documentation $node->row->parent
should return a node and you can poke inside that.

By the way isn´t it a bit deceiving to rename text to titles in
insert_node_defaults ( at about line 220)?

I don't see anything renamed to titles there: a node contains the
text of all the columns (if they are text columns, that is).


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