Re: clearing a tree

gtk_list_clear_items ()

void        gtk_list_clear_items            (GtkList *list,
                                            gint start,
                                            gint end);

Removes the items between index start (included) and end (excluded) from
the list. If end is negative, or greater than the number of children of
list, it's assumed to be exactly the number of elements. If start is
greater than or equal to end, nothing is done.

list : the list widget.
start : the index of the first item to remove.
end : the index of the lest item to remove plus one.

Since the C version takes -1 as the last element I assume the Perl
version would behave in a consistent way.

On 21 Jun 2001 20:48:55 +0000, Jim Edwards wrote:

I want to clear a tree and fill it again from scratch.  From the
excellent gtkperl-tutorial I get

$tree->clear_items( $start, $end );

I assume $start should be 0, how can I find $end?  Or should I use
another approach alltogether?


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